What Have We Discovered So Far....?

Mytoos has been taking a couple of surveys now for almost a year.  Add to that
the thousands of letters we receive and we get a pretty clear picture of the following:


1.... Most of the people with positive things to say about their cockatoos and completely
disagree with this website have had them less than 2 years. ( 14 months being the average)

2... Most of the people with negative comments (i.e. problems) with their cockatoos and
agree with this website have had them for over 2 years. ( 3 to 4 years being the average)

3... 65% of the people responding to the question: "Do you think your 'Too is aggressive
during your period" have females which 95% showed no problems.

4... 30% of the people responding to the question: "Do you think your 'Too is aggressive
during your period" have males of which 70% showed aggression over the age of 3 years.

5... 5% of the people responding to the question: "Do you think your 'Too is aggressive
during your period" are past menopause age and their Toos' showed no aggression.

6... In almost every case, whether survey or letter... it appears that the male cockatoo is
the "problem child" of the two sexes.  (I can vouch for this myself)  The females are for
the most part less troublesome and demanding.  This doesnt mean that you're "home free" with a female of course.  She's just easier to care for in many respects.

Here are some comments from our latest survey.  They pertain 
to the survey question about aggression during a woman's cycle:


"It seems his aggression started when I started my cycle but it hasn't eased up and he continues to terrorize me."

"My 4 year old male umbrella at times has an unexplainable sudden hostility towards female friends or visitors. Often someone who he had previously liked - so it's a thought. I will be observant since this had never occurred to me."

"All of my 2's are DNA sexed male.  All but Ollie (4 y/o) get hormonal and try to mate with me.  Their level of interest does not change from day to day.  Here is the other piece - I am post menopausal - zero hormones.  Kinda like you guys, no hormones to arouse them....wonder if any other post menopausal females?  So, what I am saying is that it may well be the onset of monthly menses that stirs the birds up. "

"My African Grey (Jasper) would fly from he's room to where I was and attack my face, luckily no scars.  Could not go anywhere near he's cage, this behaviour would begin 2 days before my period.  I would take deep breathes before I entered he's room to calm myself, It didnt work.  He would also attack my sister-in-law during her period.  After period had finished he would go back to being very loving.  I have to admit I found this very frighting.  A friend of mine has horses and she has the same problem with one of her's who is also male.Her horse will actually run her back into the house, during her period her husband know takes charge of the horse.  My umbrella Too is a female so I hope this wont happen, but I am always careful during this time."

"I was on mine 3 weeks ago and had to bend my head into the birds cage to retrieve their food dish. My 3yr old male Truman lunged at me and sank his beak into my nose. He let go but I had some pretty bad swelling. Truman is normally not an aggressive bird and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PROVOKED HIM THAT DAY!!! I think the period theory should be investigated."

"Funny you should bring this up.  My teenage daughter noticed it first, and this week the birds won't even come out of their cages for her.  They both LOVE her and prefer her to anyone else, but not THIS week"

"It actually feels better knowing that there is a reason to his "madness"...instead of just hating MOM. He will actually seek me out to bite me."

"My male u2 tends to be more aggressive when I am irritated or edgy - this usually occurs when I'm on my period.  However, if something should disturb my life when I'm not on my period and I become agitated, he displays the same behavior.  I will pay attn at complete survey again in 4 months."  

"I own several birds, I have not found a difference in their behavior, But they are not quite at their sexual peak either."

"My Umbrella cockatoo was being mistreated in his previous house. He is quite stubborn, has a mind of his own, but when he does not want something, he does warn us, my husband, my teen age daughter, and i. But he never showed any agresive move toward us, at any moments or occasion, and my periods did not change anything of it."

"I have always been less interative with my birds during that time of the month, they get some extra treats and alays a new toy to distroy, because I know I will not handle them as much. I guess I got into this habbit after having horses growing up and having to avoid the studs "during my monthly" I tend to let then hang out on the play top for more hours and be in the room with them but not handling them."

"My Moluccan, George B, has always been well-behaved and of sweet temper. I have always received compliments from bird store owners/breeders/borders on his exceptional manners and temperament. He is trained, and has never bitten maliciously, ever. Yesterday morning, he agressively attacked me and bit me twice quite hard.  I was completely shocked.  By an hour later he was back to his normal self. I saw this survey as I began to research how to deal with this behaviour, thinking that perhaps he is approaching sexual maturity and is experiencing hormones. It just so happens that I am in the middle of my cycle, and so this could be related, however I would have to continue to observe him over the next several months to determine if there seems to be a link. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to participate.  I am very involved with George B's development and happiness and want to learn more about his behaviours."

"Charlie has attached himself to my daughter in law for the first two weeks.  A few days ago (her second day of her monthly) he just starts screaming at her every time she passes his cage and reaches as if he is trying to bite.  I am curious as to his behavior after a week or so."

"I noticed this years ago and my husband thought I was a nut case.  We are both equally loved by Ceasar but the bird has a "psycho" attitude and behavior around me during this time of the month.  He is SLIGHTLY more aggressive with my husband at this time but shows it by just not wanting as much to do with him.  I was bit very hard by Ceasar on my wrist years back.  I honestly do think that male birds know what is going on and that some of them get mean and wacko with their female owners"

"It would be hard for me to believe that my monthly cycle had/has anything to do with whether or not a particular bird is agressive or not..I think agression is more due to lack of attention, boredom, natural instincts, my birds are my best friends and if they are having a bad day ( as we all do) I don't blame it on hormones! just my two cents worth..your mileage may vary..good luck with your survey"

"Could it be that the cockatoo is just mirroring the anxious, moody, sometimes cranky symptoms of PMS?
They do tend to take on the ambient energy of the home. On the subject of hormones, I've noticed all of my birds (macaws and cockatoos alike) shrink in fear around adult men; not little boys, not elderly men, but "hormonal" men. I've had all my birds since they were young, I've been their sole owner, and I can tell you with certainty they were never abused by a man.  But, they know what a man is, and they instinctively want to fly away when they see one."

"Whenever my period comes along, Coconut seems to get a bit more aggresive.  He seems to nip at me more, and on the day when it ends..he's as sweet as ever."

"I own a female Citron and notice nothing... and have done cockatoo rescue for five years, handling many male birds and have never noticed anything... Curious --- I also experience no difficulties during my period (over 40 now) and I am wondering if these women were "amped" possibly --- emotions etc can change, non?"

"I have a six year old female umbrella that I have never seen agressive behavior from towards me during menstuation. If I culd provide ant usefull info I'd be glad to help. She is the love of my life and the experience has inriched me emensely. I am one of the lucky few it would seem that has a completely content member of my family."

"Indy bird is an angel --of course he is just a baby -- But, he bites my fiance when I have my period.  He has never, ever attacked or even nipped me-- but he bites Kevin, or any other male or female around, pretty bad, but only once a month. He gets very teritorial about me -- I don't know how he knows --but I noticed this last year. I just keep him away from everyone else (including the dog) for about 8 days and all is well with my little dear. "

"Happy, my 4 year old male M2 will get a bit nippy during the few days before my period starts, but he has never flown at me in a rage. Lucky me, he seems quite content to reach over and pinch me in the rear when I walk by his play stand :-)  I suppose sexism is alive and well in the land of Cockatoos just as it is in the land of humans!"

"I never noticed any relation to my cycle, but my Too seems to have his own period of PMS ( Parrot Mean Streak ). I make an extra effort during this time to be very gentle and calm, and I watch my back, as Jo likes to fly on my back during these times and bite my neck. Ususally these periods pass within a week or two"


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