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You're looking at the damage to a lady's lip after it being bit off by by a large cockatoo.  This picture was taken some 10 days later but you can see the bird  took off a large chunk and they were worried that the blood flow to the  removed portion would not return..... lucky for her, it did.  Others who have noses or ear pieces removed are not unusual.  This is why I stress not having these large birds around children especially, (as one man has already found out the hard way when he posted that a Moluccan had removed his 8 month old daughters index finger).  Never forget that these "cuddly" creatures can change in a split second, no matter how long you've had them. 



Here's a letter from a guy who disagrees with this website....

I found your site and I looked it over and was a bit confused..You say you hate how people make  sites telling all these good things about Cockatoos..Well, your site is so much worse. You tell all  these BAD things. If you want to tell the truth about them, tell the good side of them as well. Your  site isn't informative, it's a rambling of hate. I don't mean to be rude, but if you want to tell the truth then tell both sides of it, the bad and the good..The fact is you are using a speech that could also be used to classify children. The bad things about them but you fail to mention the joy, pride and  happiness Cockatoo's can bring. If you put up a recording of their 'terrible screech' then you should also add one of their beautiful voice or happy purrs. Don't just tell tragedy stories but also tell  stories of triumph and joy. Perhaps if you gave the good and the bad, people would really know if a Cockatoo is for them, because all you are doing now is trying to scare people from buying them. 


Good, you DO understand the website then.  I am in fact trying to scare the "average" person away from these birds.  Why?  Because it takes an "above average" person to care for them a lifetime.  And the above average person will gather all the information out there and make a quality decision. My entire idea is to save the thousands of 'Toos that are suffering even as we debate the issue.  My allegiance is not with the owner, it's with the bird. This means that I'd rather not have the "average" person wanting a "cuddly" parrot....  to "test-drive"a large cockatoo for a few months or years only to have to get rid of them.  You are indeed also correct that they CAN be wonderful, and I make that fact known on my main page.  I  also state that it's up to YOU to make that come about.  I certainly appreciate your concern. P.S :  You are also right in the fact that they have wonderfully low voices also. But that still doesn't  discount the fact that when a large 'Toos "displays", you can hear them for blocks. Would you have  me hide that fact?   This is another main reason that people get rid of their large cockatoos.


Jerry  DOES make a difference....

Just want to say...we were bantering happily about "What if we got a sulfur-crested someday?  Or a big Umbrella?"  Even my small experience working at vets and growing up on a farm didn't provide the knowledge we received when stumbling across your site...We just sat for two hours and cried and read and were in awe...You have opened our eyes, not only to the plight of birds in general but to larger issues.We already were concerned for the welfare of animals, environment etc...But something about your site has awakened us to a deeper understanding.We have agreed to volunteer a portion of our crazy lives to the local bird sanctuary and will NEVER own a bird again. (I once had the company of a beautiful lutino cockatiel.)We can't thank you enough.  Please keep up the good work.  Briana & Andrew 


Is there an overpopulation of parrots?

(This statement found on a newsgroup) 

" Many of these breeders have 60, 80 or more birds in areas like their  basements.  So it's not that there isn't an overpopulation's  just easier to hide them because they are not out wandering the streets like  cats and dogs and due to their monetary value, many people will still try to  make a buck. I guess if we let things continue we can accomplish what has  now become of dogs and cats.....their worth had depleted to the point that  they are euthanized regularly. " ......   (Think about this)


Are you the scientific type?

The classification of the cockatoos. 

"Thank you for putting this information up for people to read.  Although it's a tough, straight-forward point of view, it's also factual, realistic and honest about the way that real cockatoos are and how  they often are not taken care of properly.  This is very important.  Thank you for doing the avian  community a real justice with such tough, straight-forward, honest words of wisdom...

Renee Riley, CEO Cockatoos.Org". Sincerely, Renee


Hello Jerry,

I have been touring your site and I'm impressed and grateful.  I used to work at what was a decent petstore - seriously connecting pets with GOOD owners - but over my time there things changed,  and I overheard my co-workers selling birds off to the most sadly inappropriate homes.  For my  efforts at educating people properly, I was relegated to cleaning and cash duty rather than sales,  but I still have customers from that store who call with questions or problems.

I do what I can to direct people to the right kind of bird, even if that means a stuffed bird, because  I have several birds that needed homes, included a crippled Moluccan whom I had to purchase from  the store where I worked.  She is very quiet for a moluccan, but of course she does pick the absolute worst times to start screaming - like when we're on the phone, or just before 'whodunits' are revealed on the movies we watch (so we usually watch videos now, so we can rewind!).  I love the noise  have on your site, and she doesn't make those kinds of noises although she makes a more  disturbing, annoying whine than any cockatoo I've ever heard.  :D   She provides a continuous challenge for us with her health issues, but your site really reminded me what a treasure she is  and how I take it for granted when I hush her for someone I'm speaking to.

Our birds are out as much as they can be, as our climate and our neighborhood are not suitable for  an outdoor aviary, but all the same she needs a secure cage to be in and play from, as with her crippled feet she needs the bars of a cage to hold on to.  She loves to swing upside down hanging  from her toenails, and she does love to dance but because of her feet she sometimes loses her  balance dancing.  She is finally discovering the joys of really playing, and will happily wrestle, play catch and play peek-a-boo.   She truly is a darling and a joy, and I don't want to think what would  have happened to her if we had not taken her (my husband and I).  I suppose being destroyed is  better than being abused, but with all the love and joy she has to give I can't imagine destroying that unnecessarily.

However, I must say that I would much rather never have this wonderful love and joy if it meant that no birds were captive, and no birds had to suffer at the hands of ignorant, unscrupulous and even  cruel people.  To mean that all birds could live their lives in the wild, I would gladly give up the privilege of my birds.  In the meantime, I am proud to be part of a select (and sadly far too small) population of individuals desperately in love with parrots and doing all we can to make our world kinder, warmer and happier for them.  I see a few comments on your site where people refer to God's plan for birds in the wild, and that whole point stings me the most:  I am a Christian, and I  serve God with every aspect of my life including His planet:  I look on my wonderful birds as  charges from Him, I am caring for them for Him as they cannot be in their natural environment.  What I cannot fathom is why more people who claim to love and serve God do not have any love or respect for the rest of His creation.  I do not agree with the worship of 'Gaia', and I do not believe  that all animals are their own gods, but I believe that God sees every one of them as precious and wonderful and His creatures, and we should be treating them with that kind of love and respect.  I confess I break down and yell at my darlings more than I'd like (I'd like to never do it) but I am  always quick to apologize when I behave wrongly to any of them (lovebird or macaw, and all in between).  It just drives me to distraction that people can foster the problems in birds of which your pictures demonstrate only the tip.  When I see what horrible things we are capable of, I am ashamed  to be human.  The upside is that it renews my joy in my own birds.

Please do keep up the excellent work.  Discourage as many foolish decisions as you can, and encourage as many with the capacity for it to reach out in love as you can. 


Valeri McFarlane Behavioural, Introductory, Relational, and Developmental Services