A Special Place for Joey on mytoos.com

This one photo says more than all the words on my web site.

Study this picture for a minute,  and try to imagine the
neglect and abuse that "Joey" had been through.   Now
imagine what it must be like to find a friend after all that.

Joey died not long after this photo was taken.
(See story at bottom of this page)

Joey was rescued by Tammy.  ( that is Tammys friend Teresa in the photo)

Here is the front side of Joey during the 2 weeks that he had to wear
His protective collar.


Thanks Tammy, for taking in this miserable little cast off and
showing him that not all humans are capable of abuse and neglect.
His last days were filled with love.  *Jerry,  Mytoos.com

Here is part of his story......

Joey, had a huge open wound on his chest, which was self inflicted. He was also missing most of his right leg, the result of merely playing with a rope toy. With these factors in mind, the decision became final. If the birds were ever to begin to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally they would need individualized attention and unconditional love from responsible caregivers.

Joey went home with my friend the first night and was taken to the vet's office the very next morning. He had a complete chemistry profile and was sent home sporting a collar.

Joey had five homes before he was to find his human companions and unconditional love.  In
two of those homes, he was with the new family for only a few short months and then their marriages were ending in divorce.

Finally, Joey found his way back to me and I placed him again with a married couple and they loved him and tried but he proved too much for them, he had been placed with their U2 as a companion and Joey proceeded to pluck not only himself but he began to pluck the U2. They could not bear to put the collar back on him and decided instead that they were not the right family for Joey.

In the interim I discovered that Peanut (another rescue along with Joey) had Giardia really bad and treated her for it, she stopped plucking and shredding so it only made sense to me that Joey had it too. I could not get my friends to treat him for it though; I even sent them the medication for it. They are not bad people; they just had more going on their lives than I was aware of.

Eventually, I was able to convince them to let me give Joey another chance with a new family
and this was when he found Heidi and Bob. They cherished him. Bob made special perches for him they treated him for Giardia and then removed the collar and he was no longer destroying
his feathers. Bob was home with him most of the time and they thrived on each other's company.

Heidi was elated, they bought him his own nighttime cage so he could sleep in their room at night with them and cooked for him and kept his cage spotless. Finally, a wonderful family situation that appeared to be working extraordinarily for everyone concerned.

We had no idea that our Sweet Joey would only have seven weeks left with us. His poor body was worn out and had finally caught up with him. Joey died having Salmonella.

Joey had many friends and lots of love sent his way, he was finally living his life filled with love and care with the family that he so richly deserved. Joey was cherished by his new parronts and
as are the rest of us, devastated by our loss of sweet Joey.

Joey is finally free to fly again......


Mytoos.com is thankful that Tammy sent us this story.  Hopefully we can
all learn something from it.   If you'd like to contact Tammy yourself,
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