Lola - couldn't agree with you more and that was the simple point I was trying to make. Obviously this young (and albeit) intelligent girl was attempting to get in over her head with no experience with (sad to say) but probably drastic results for the poor bird, herself and her family (BAD ON THE PARENTS FOR LEAVING IT UP TO THE CHILD - NO MATTER HOW INTELLIGENT SHE MAY BE!!!) - sorry, but just had to get that out....Many members in this forum tried to redirect her (I personally would have directed her to started as I did 40 years ago with "other" pets, worked my way up to smaller birds, done as she did and read, read, read and researched, before going down the road at all with avians.... I know I've repeated myself many times but have learned from many years experience (and STILL don't know ALL there is to know so count on you guys sooo much for info) My only fear (again, repeated many times...that we simply cut this girl off and she is going to be headstrong and go out and get the "poor" bird and wind up in the same scenario as the one I told you all about with the man who had the too for sale ($750/bird and cage) who was his daughter's bird and, when she left for college, the bird wound up in a cage in their basement and screamed his head off 24 hours a day - and my next comment was "Gee, I wonder why?" And, I think this little girl is headed down the same road. Many people tried to give her advice and then the conversation/feedback to her was closed. It should NOT have been. Everyone could have reinforced info, experiences, etc. that MAY have gone a long way to talking her out of this HUGE mistake....I mean, you just don't read and research and then, go to a pet store to get a too and presume you know it all!!! It takes years of growth, maturity, time, money (and the list goes on....) before you are even semi-capable of dealing with a large bird. Like I have said and tried to say many times, I totally understand how some people get angry enough to "blast" the girl, but we really, really, really could have redirected her and, hopefully educated/trained, etc. and am sitting here, as I have been for days now thinking that she was headstrong and intelligent enough to think "she knows best" and the fact that she got "cut off" will only drive her to the pet shop. Again...BAD on the parents for not educating themselves as well before allowing her to go down this road and most of the advice TRIED to warn her in the best possible way (even though she argued, debated and - even though she considered herself an educated and informed young girl) did not even scrape the surface of what she really needed to know. It gives me nightmares to re-read her posts and see that her issues are that she is not starting out "small" and working her way up but wants to "jump in at the deep end" which she has NO business doing. Sorry, don't mean to preach but this is the one and only scenario on this site that has really broken my heart because all others are genuinely pet lovers/owners, etc. and because the girl (albeit intelligent, spoiled and headstrong) was really trying her best and could have benefited by good, sound advice instead of winding up being "slammed" and cut off from the very people who could have redirected her focus.
Judging by comments and replies, some agree, some don't but my heart still aches for the poor bird that I feel pretty sure she will get anyway and BAD on the parents that they did not go behind her, look at the info, research and comments and monitor what she is attempting to do.
Thanks for taking time to listen/read this completely long post.
Luv all you guys and you have been a huge help to me and our 3 birds, 2 doggies and an aquarium full of fish, snails, etc. We are animal lovers, adopt when we can, take in strays, I am a total sucker for any type of animal be it bird, dog or whatever....that is why this is really on my mind and has been for days now....
P.S. There are several members that I would love to contact because you and they offer such excellent advice and experience. Do you know how I can do that?
Thanks, Lori, Baby and family.