I'm back! You all are too funny. Well here is my list:

I have a special blue cup that no one dares touch because, Bongo (G2) will only drink from that cup.
The oatmeal in the house is only for Bongo.
I spend hours cracking walnuts for my birds (gee, you would think I would buy them shelled :rolleyes: )
I get up at 4am Monday-Friday so that I can spend time with Bongo before going to work.
I get up at 4:00am every weekend, because Bongo is used to getting up at that time.
I also have been known to put things on top of my head so that Bongo will not sit up there.
I ripped up my kitchen floor and painted the concrete so that bird poop would not show up as well on the floor.
I make up silly songs for Bongo and find myself singing them at work.
I call Bongo "son"
I steal the ketcup cups from fast food for Bongo to play with.
I whisper after 8pm (bongo's bedtime)
I have sheets and blankets all over my furniture and antiques, so the birds can play anywhere they want.
I wrapped 32 bird presents for christmas
I have no shoelaces that aren't chewed
I think it is strange when I look down and I do not have bird poop on me
laugh laugh laugh