i am new to this site and i would like to get some advise. i have been an avid animal lover all my life. i currently have 12 small birds - finches and canaries as well a reptiles. i have been offered a cockatoo from an elderly woman who cannot keep him anymore. i have read up on them and know they are difficult to take care of. i am not sure yet if i will take him or not. what i am asking is for cockatoo owners to please give me some information on their personal experience owning them. what the best thing is to feed them and the best toys etc. i have read so many bad things about them that it makes it seem that almost all cockatoos will get sick or pull feathers or constantly scream. i would like to know what others thought. it's not a matter of money or that i cannot take care of him. i strive to care for any and all animals that i come across. please email me with information at dragonsfire39@lycos.com