Hello Kayla,
You are so smart to be doing your research before getting your bird!!! I went through the same thing when deciding what type of bird to buy my 13 year old son. He wanted a Cockatoo like mine but I wouldn't do that to either one of them!!! I did a lot of research on different types of birds and I ended up buying him a Senegal Parrot. These are colorful, loving, sweet little critters. This bird adores my son. He will walk all the way across the floor to greet him when he comes home from school. This has been so good for my son. Make sure that your folks are willing to help out. Birds are a family thing, you always need a hand now and then for the good of the bird. I got my son's senegal parrot at a rescue shelter and donated $500 for bird, cage & supplies. I believe at the store they cost around $350 for just the bird and I feel the shelter should get the same for a hand raised baby like my son has. I strongly believe in rescue shelters and giving homes to birds in need. I hope that you will consider this? These birds need us as much as we need them!!! Good Luck Kayla, you are a smart young lady!!! Cynthia