Lourdes, you have you're hands full to say the least. And i thought linus was young at 6 months when i got him. Guys.. corky has been placed. what is done is done..Lourdes..get that baby to a vet as soon as you can... get the vet to show you how and what to feed corky. go in the past forums on here and search hand feeding..weaning...and everything you can about a baby. The people here are very knowledgable about these guys.. and can help a great deal. you need right now to sit down and think... do you have to time to devote to this baby, if you do, proceed and get all the help and info you can about feeding him. if you cant, then do as they have said and ask the breeder for a refund. people like that, in my book..should be shot.
now,if you are determined to keep this little guy, then you must be responsible and read and learn just as much as you can about the breed, the behaviour, feeding etc and responsible care of them.it can be a pure blessing, but it can also be a hellish nightmare. good luck and let us know how the lil guy is, and how he is progressing. people here dont forget about the feathered ones, so im sure everyone will be waiting to get updates from you. good luck!
linus and nancy