I have a question to ask about DJ, my BE2.
I've had her for a few weeks now and we have really bonded nicely. We are best of friends. I have her out of her cage for 3-5 hours per day.
My concern is getting her in and out of cage. She refuses to let me take her out of her cage but will quickly come out on her own and then come to where I am working to hang out with me. I've read that I should let DJ make her own decisions. So on one hand I think it is fine that she is allowed to come out when she wants. On the other hand I do not want her to be in control and disobey my commands when I ask her to step up when I want to bring her out of her cage. Which method is best? If it is that I should be able to bring her out (most times--maybe she really doesn't want to come out), then what should I do?
I have been making progress with getting her back into her cage but I think it is because I can get her in her cage before she can grab onto the outside of the cage. I praise her when I get her back into her cage without a problem.