Otis, our rehome U2 of 6 months, is jumping/Hopping on the end of the couch. It seems that he only does it when I am the only one in the room and watching tv or using my tablet. I did a search, but did not find anything that matches his behaviour. Not sure if he trying to get my attention, or he is happy or if is a mating behaviour. When I do look at him, he continues jumping. Sometimes he will flap his wings and scream and I take that as a happy too. Just not sure how to respond to him or is this something I should discourage?? We have another U2, Tiki, that we also rescue about 3 year ago and he doesn't do this. Instead he will bobbed up/down with wings slightly out and vocalize and will do when all of us ( wife and son) are in the room. BTW....Otis will get both feet in the air when he hopping/Jumping but most time it one foot he gets air. Oh and stretches his body out like he trying to reach the ceiling. Thanks for for any advice or meaning.