Monty's generally a good eater when it comes to her fruits and veggies, thankfully! The only things she won't reliably eat are leafy greens. Pretty much anything else she'll at least pick at, but leafy greens? Nah. She does like to play with them, though, so I've yet to lose hope! She likes orange/yellow/white fruits and veggies best, and amongst those carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, and yams are almost guaranteed hits.

She's just being super fussy with her pellets. I'll pick up some macaw Lafeber's this weekend to try. I also have access to Roudybush samples at work, so I can try that too. I'll find a pellet she's eat one way or another! She's definitely snacking on the Zupreem though, so that's a start.

My flock: Monty (Eleanora/medium sulphur crested cockatoo), Benjamin Button (European Starling).