A lady posted the same issue last week on Facebook; Here's what she said:

Please share so anyone with a bird will know never to use these... I have 50+ birds from Parrots to Parakeets..
Never ever again. Walmart substituted my two turkey breasts with a Jennie-O Turkey Cajun in a cooking bag. I know not to use non stick and gave all of mine away the first day I got birds and spent over $1k on Simply Ming cookware. Apparently the cooking bag is toxic to birds. Within 30 minutes of the turkey cooking in the oven my birds started dying. Mohamed AbouTaleb found the first two and I knew something was wrong. By the time he walked back upstairs more were dying. We literally grabbed cages and ran them outside. All the birds are in the garage tonight covered up. I lost nine of my babies. I'm heartbroken.. Minnie looked online and read that Reynolds and other cooking bags ARE toxic to birds.. I have books on birds and read extensively online before getting my birds.. I never saw anything before now that said cook bags were toxic. A warning needs to be on the label! 😢 My grandson just came home tonight after being born Thanksgiving - which is why we were making a delayed Thanksgiving dinner - and I have to wonder how toxic the cooking bag is for all of us, especially a little five week early preemie baby - if my birds died that quick. We will NEVER EVER buy another turkey in a cooking bag and will NEVER buy Jenny-O-Turkey again.. There should be a warning on the package that the fumes are toxic to birds!!! I never wanted a whole turkey to begin with and Walmart subbed it during a pick up order... You can't imagine how sad I am right now.. 😢☹️😢I AM JUST TRYING TO SAVE OTHER BIRDS AND KEEP OTHER BIRD FAMILIES FROM SUFFERING THIS TERRIBLE LOSS!!!!

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