I would just get the pellets that she eats for now. You can offer new varieties when you know she is healthy. The first thing I would do Monday morning is call the vets. There are two very important indicators of health and sickness in a bird, their droppings and weight. I'm concerned that you had a 5 lb bag of pellets that came with her and you haven't used them yet. It sounds like you are not giving her enough pellets daily. In a year I would have gone through four times that amount of pellets at least. Get her to the vet, weight loss, not eating well, night terrors all during hormone season. Are you positive that she is female? DNA tested or egg laid in the past? With birds you can't wait, they do not show sickness. Once you determine that she is healthy then mess around with her diet, but do give her more to eat now.
She should have a bowl of pellets available to her 24 hours per day.

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