It's been a while since I posted about Dewey, a 22-year-old U2 whom I rescued from a bad situation last year. She was adopted by a devoted friend for 7 months, and I cared for her when the friend was out of town. We later found it workable to split time between homes so that each had respite. I have her back now full-time for legitimate reasons. We switched her to her familiar (but newer) big cage last week. She awoke in the middle of the following night screaming in terror and I thought that maybe she was disoriented. Now, a week later, a short while after covering her for bedtime, she once again awoke in terror. This is not regular screaming...she is terrified. I lifted the cover and she began searching underneath her wings on both sides, then behaved normally like she does most evenings before bedtime. Is she having nightmares about being caught? Is she in pain? Have any of you had birds with night terrors???