So We've only had our Peachy girl for a week and a half, I'm (We) are trying to be very conscious about not reinforcing negative behaviors! I am sure this is very normal, but Peach sometimes (not always but I'd say about 80%) will scream/make her call when I leave the room- and sometimes I've left the room to go get her a grape (we have been using those (in quarters) for treats as they are her FAVORITE! But I don't want to leave, have her scream and then come back in to reward her for it lol! So I usually wait until she's been quiet and then I give her a treat. However, I wanted to start trying the ABA- so sometimes she says "pretty Bird" when I leave the room- so when I leave the room, I wait till she makes the "pretty bird" call and I respond with my own "pretty bird" and also come and give her attention and treat?

Edit: Ok an excellent example of what is confusing to me...

Sometimes I feed Peach on her playstand, This morning after we took a short walk around the house with me talking to her I took her back to her playstand to feed her breakfast. when I left the room to go get her breakfast she started her "calls" as soon as I left the room and continued until...? Today I walked back in about a minute after she stopped calling, but isn't my coming back into the room and feeding her reinforcing the screaming? How do I handle this? Basically what I'm asking is when I leave the room to go get her breakfast how do I give it to her without reinforcing the screaming?

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