About 3 months ago my husband and I got a Goffins Cockatoo . She's 3 years old and according to the store, for most of those three years she was kept in a small cage, little more than 2 cubic feet, and in a basement with little to no human contact.
She is not surprisingly resistant to my attempts at socialization. Right now, she seems happy enough in her cage by herself. She won't come out of the cage if she thinks there's any chance of someone coming close, usually she waits until we are out of the room and then will scurry back inside if we get too close. She won't accept any treats by hand although in the last month she has allowed us to at least get within a yard of her cage before running back in.
I've been told by the store that I need to "Force" cuddle her. I've read this online too, but the explanations seem vague on details. I assume "Force cuddles" doesn't literally involve me taking her out of the cage and holding her until she gives up fighting. The idea that you can force something to like you sounds like something from Law & Order: SVU. So how exactly should I go about gaining her trust? I don't expect an overnight result, or even expect to see a great change in the first few months, but I would hope that there's a way I can get her to come out and cuddle on her own terms eventually.

So, any ideas?