Well after a much needed break and focus on getting things in order around my home and health I'm back. It's been a while.

I guess I can just get right to it. My health was in the dumps. Had a scare with cancer. Cancer free 4 years now!!! Yay me!!! Had an angina attack a few years ago. Blood pressure and cholesterol way out of control. Found out asthma was rearing its ugly face. That's been a huge struggle to get under control.

I've had to since all of this downsize the birds I had. I'm now down to a manageable number. It's been so emotional around here moving the birds to their new homes. I get steady updates. All are doing fantastic. Couldn't be happier.

After the downsizing I lost my most recent rescue Nigel my umbrella cockatoo. I was hanging out with him on the couch he was having a blast talking away giving me kisses. He made an odd sound and went limp on me. I tried to revive him but I honestly think it's near impossible to do. It hit me quite hard initially. I am at peace with it now. I gave him what he needed for his last years here. His previous owner was a hoarder charged and forbidden to have pets again in one province. Then moved to another and started over again. She was again charged and all pets seized. Nigel was in some rough shape and was supposed to be euthanized due to his possibly needing surgery and overall health. He was full of infection and we took care of that and his prolapse corrected. Just had to keep him stress free and hormones in check. He was actually doing very well until. Of course I will always miss him. He was such a good boy and so much fun. But he's free now from any constraints captivity has given him. ❤

Still have Bailey my Moluccan Cockatoo,Helen my Goffins, my two African greys. Soon ang will be joining a family as well.

My breathing has already improved considerably. I have two large purifiers going in their room. Diligently cleaning to keep the dust under control. I can't believe how much extra time I have now...18 birds in one home was way too many. I can deal with this now lol

Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing!!!!


Sometimes damaged goods are the best gifts the world has to offer