I am really surprised that at age 7 or 8 (re-homed so not sure) Buddi has started screaming. It has been getting worse and correlates with increased hormonal behavior during this winter, which is unusual,as it usually occurs in Spring.

I took her to AV last month for hormone implant and blood work was normal as well.Screaming frequency still increased and now she has a small wound under her wing that I thought was a blood feather she pulled. But she just keeps picking at this thing.

I cant get into the AV until the 25th (in the wrong line of work)and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the (natural) herbal "calming" stuff on the market? Local bird store has a product called Ahhh! Supposed to help with anxiety and screaming...Thanks in advance for any help...

Or has anyone used any other holistic treatment?