hey everyone I rescued a ub 2 was told by owner bird in her 20s took her to vet got a complete blood panel done and fecal exam and of course physical exam,and at the tune of almost $400.we are the proud owner of a HEALTHY female,she is only eating seeds now tried fresh vegs mostly green wont have it,we tried sitting down with here while we eat vegs still no go,dicscoverd she likes dark pasta,and she will eat fresh bananas,she is extremely friendly but my avian vet said that this is hormonal time for her? but being the age she is and her health condition she had to have a better diet at some point of her life??? so why would she refuse these vegs ,we have had her only three weeks,even tried pellets she will ocasionally pick a couple up to eat but spits some out,i am going to get a scale soon,my wife said im acting like a father of a first born child,but she is in damn good health and I don't want to lose that? So am I OVER reacting,she said I havent acted like this since we got our first citron cockatoo Sysco 6 years ago,and she said it was no picknic(l.o.l). Thanks for any helpful tidbits to slow my drinking down L.O.L