I've had 'Trumpet' for 10 yrs plus now. I am her 2nd owner, I believe. (She was formerly a 'breeder'.) She and I have had a lovely and loving relationship up until about a yr ago, when she started 'pinching'. She always did take off any scabs on my (or my boyfriend who she thinks is her mate-he's been here over 5 yrs & while he discourages her getting on him to masterbate, she's pretty insistant on 'protecting' him etc.) arms or legs, but now Trumpet is MAKING small wounds through her pinching (beak) and has become a true blood-thirsty vampire! She is pinching both me and BF and nothing I've tried (distractions with toys, picking her up and moving her to my lap for scratches, yelling NO at her, making her go back inside her cage, etc.) works. Trumpet stays outside in her aviary during the day, then in the evening has full roaming. She has her open-door cage in the living room where we all congregate to watch TV, eat supper, share our day, etc. Her bloodwork and health are great. No changes in the last year, either inside or outside the house. Is it just that she has discovered the taste of blood and really likes it? Is there anything we can do to stop this behavior?