Hey everyone been a loooooong time ,if you check back in post you will see I rescued a citron cookatoo maybe 4-5 years ago named Sysco ,well Sysco is doing great,now onto my question,AGAIN I rescued a umberella cockatoo, appears to be I will be the 3rd owner,the owner was female who came upon really hard times and had developed an addiction and no longer really afford bird,the bird was no longer her objective,she wanted to sell bird for $500 with the help of 2 other witness of how the bird was living they offered to pay one of her utility bill and the other person bought food and I came up with 200.cash,the other 2 people who helped said they didn't want the bird they just wanted me to take it and get it out of house so I did,well took bird to vet after almost $400,we got complete blood work fecal exame and few other things done ,we have a healthy female,,the vet was amazed after seeing the living conditions (they secretly took pics)the 2 other witnesses would not let me go there to see the bird in person cause the were afraid I would have went nuts and got arrested
my concern is this, I have read and heard that these guys need to have someones attention ALL day ,,well if I was retired wouldn't be a problem,here is the schedule when we get home from work(5pm) we let her out we pay some attention then move about with other choirs,about (8:30 pm )we cover her up and bed time,she doesn't scream when covered up,on weekends she is out ALL day til time to go to bed That stays the same as rest of birds,the vet gave us the go ahead to move her into the area with other birds and people,he said not to worry about time spent that she will be fine ,,,just looking for people opinions