My husband and I rescued our 1st cockatoo. It seems to be healthy and plan to get it to the vet asap just to be sure. We have read many posts here about diet. Ragnar seems to be a very picky eater. His preference is almonds he cracks open from the shell. We purchased some zupreem parrot pellets and Vita Prima parrot sunseed mix. He picks through them to get the nuts, and throws the pellets in his water dish.
We have tried offering him raw fruits ie: apple slices, orange slices, cubed peach, Banana - all of which he threw back at us. We offered him raw baby carrot, broccoli, zuccini, cucumber, red pepper... he wont touch them.
He did take small bits of meat from us, and plain pita chips, and toast.

I feel like maybe we are not on the correct path... would appreciate wisdom from folks with more experience that we have.

Thank you