My friend adopted a male Cockatoo from our local humane society several months ago. Yesterday, she told me that her boyfriend was going to take him back because of behaviors. I couldn't let that happen and we took him in to our home today. The local bird guy knows him, as he used to trim his nails and beak and they stopped coming because Caesar has seizures and would have them when he was going to be trimmed. When my friend picked him up from the humane society, he seized in her truck(she was never told that he had a seizure disorder). He was a plucker in his prior home and has a naked chest, but now has fluffy down on the sides (he will never grow feathers on his chest/legs).
He has been having behavior issues and screaming at night (or barking at 2am to be exact). He was also pacing on top of his cage and beeping. So, here I am.
He's been here for about 5 hours and is being quiet now (was told he didn't like to be covered at night, but I did it any way and he is good).
He is in my Dining room, in the dark and covered for the night, but when uncovered will be able to see us(I plan to leave him there for 3 days and then move him in to our living room).
I think my friend allowed him too much and I need to fix it. Like, if you're drinking a beer, he wants some (not going to happen). Like feeding him what you're eating because he demands it..
NOPE! She also was insistent on screaming his name when she came home (swears it stopped his behavior).
We run a rescue and have 6 dogs of our own and at this moment, a blind dog and an 8 week old puppy that we are fostering. We also have 3 cats. Our home is busy.
Would love some advice on giving Caesar a good home and how to introduce him properly to our home. He is sweet and knows how to whisper and say many phrases. He was pacing and screaming earlier, but I covered him and said "Goodnight Caesar". Of course, this is the honeymoon period and I would just like some advice on how to keep him happy and not screaming at night.
Feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew and want to do right by this poor bird.