How do you know if your too (or any parrot) is actually eating their new food vs chomping it into pieces? When he came to us We were given a seed mix with pasta, pellets, dried fruits and nuts in it but trying to transition to mostly pellets and chop or bean/wild rice recipes. But I can't tell if he eats any of the chop or pellets.. He picks through it and a lot goes on the floor but does any go in him? He loves the bean recipe but is that healthy enough to replace the seeds if not eating his pellets or chop? He gets red, yellow and orange peppers and sugar snap pods and bits of fresh fruits like pomegranate and kiwi, millet and some dried fruits/nuts in his forage wheel also. And by the way should he be getting dried fruits n nuts in the forager or regular food? Vet said he was skinny but he wasn't worried for his weight as Braniff does fly a lot...

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