Hi guys, a little back story. I am a vet tech and work at an animal hospital that runs a bird rescue, I also am a licensed wild bird rehabber and own several other birds. 4 years ago a U2 came in that was near death. She was prolapsed, severely underweight, had sour crop and a bunch of other things. She was abused, and naked. She went through 2 intra-abdominal surgeries to fix the prolapse once she was strong enough, although the second time nearly killed her. I fell in love with her while she was in the hospital and adopted her. Her name was Baeleigh. I loved her so much. We had 4 years together before her prolapse returned and could not be fixed. I lost her right after thanksgiving 2015. She taught me a lot about "big birds", and toos. I had only fostered greys and amazons, never owned my own big bird (my flock of cockatiels and conures had kept me busy). Anyway, she was awesome with everyone. Only bit me 1 time and it was my fault. She tore up a wall. She would scream. Normal too stuff. I loved her anyway! <3

After she passed I didnt know if I would ever get a too again even though I love them. However around christmas a friend and client came to me with sad news. Her husband was dying, and due to her own health concerns she needed to rehome her 7 year old male U2 Coconut. After many tears and calls my husband and I decided to adopt him. He has been here just under a month now. I dont know what to expect really, but here are some concerns.

1. He was in a very restricted sheltered environment. Has never foraged. He now has foraging stuff and is learning, but seems very bored.

2. He hangs from his beak and flutters his wings a lot. I have heard that it is a stress thing, thoughts?

3. He wont eat fruit or veggies, any advice?

4. He wont step up reliably, and sometimes acts like he wants to bite in the process of stepping up. He has only stepped up on me 4 times and has not done so with my husband. Thoughts?

5. At 630 every night he starts shreiking. The only way he stops is if we cover him. Is this ok? we are worried its too early to go to bed.

6. I am trying to clicker train him a bit to build a relationship. He has learned touch. I dont know where to go from here though.

7. I dont feel like I am bonding with him, nor him with us. Is there a way that I can help him adjust and tell if we are bonding?