Hello All,

First, thank you for this forum which helps domestic Cockatoos experience the healthiest, happiest lives they can with their people mates!

My mother-in-law is a flock-mate to KC, a Cockatoo she's shared her home with for the past 20 years. She acquired KC when he was one year old.

My mother-in-law has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which has spread to her liver and lymph nodes, and we're not sure how much time she has left of earth with us.
Of course, she is tremendously concerned about KC. How do I go about finding a secure, "intelligent" and caring home for this magnificent bird?

We are near St. Louis, and we have STAR (St. Louis Avian Rescue).

Are any of you familiar with this organization? I am really hesitating simply "surrendering" KC to a rescue… My hope is to find a home that is looking for a healthy, secure, entertaining and social bird - someone who has experience with Cockatoos. KC showers in the shower, rides well in a car, dances, talks, walks/strolls indoors and out. His wings are not clipped, but he doesn't fly. He's a snuggler with my mother-in-law.

No one in our immediate family is willing to take him in, because, (as you all know), having a Cockatoo requires a lot of time, effort and attention - we don't feel we would do him justice.

Thank you for any insight you may provide.


Jen Ward