I just adoped a Sulfer Crested Cockatoo, after an old man a friend of mine knew passed away. Nobody had ANY experience with large birds aside from me, and the caretaker of the property put her up on Craigslist. Luckily, she never sold so she has been given to me. I am not an Avian Expert, but I have cared for a U2 for around a year while she waited for a forever home.

Anyway, this bird (named Angel) was cared for by a gentleman and a lady who had absolutely no experience with birds. She has only eaten a diet of seeds for the last 14 years. She did get treats, but that pretty much consisted of whatever the man ate for dinner (I was told that she loved cheese and cooked chicken).

I just picked her up today, and got a massive collection of different kinds of bird seeds. I am wanting to transition her to a diet of pellets with fresh fruits and veggies. The caretaker of the property said she hates pellets and anything dehydrated.

How do you recommend I shift her away from seed to pellets?

Also, she has drank from a water bottle (like one for a hamster). The caretaker said she had to do that since Angel would make a bird soup out of her water bowl. Is that ok for a cockatoo?

She has an amazing temperament. She is very friendly, and even wanted to check out one of our dogs (a small female Japanese Chin). She hasn't even given any signs of hostility or the intention to bite, even though she's in a new home that I'm sure she's afraid of. Believe it or not, she hadn't been out of her cage in over 2 years when I took her out last week (my first time meeting her). She handled VERY well. Gave plenty of kisses, talked to me, and played games with me. She has done so amazingly well considering she has never been well cared for.

I am also setting up an appointment with a very popular Avian Veteranarian (they only help birds). I know I need to get her blood labs taken, since the caretaker said she has not been to a vet in her 14 year life.

Ugh, why do people like this get birds! Such a frustrating life for this poor, good natured bird.

Thank you so much for your help!!

~Will Courtier~