I've read the post on mulberries, but after reading "purple juice" I knew I was not on the same page. I googled mulberries and found something that looks like a blackberry but grows on trees, and the kind of fruit I'm talking about, Mulberries (see image).

Does anybody know if these Mulberries are okay for my toos?

Also, we took the birds to a new vet last week, a couple days after the hen laid a soft egg with a thin area. The vet said she was really underweight! She weighs a pound and a half! The cock weighs only a half pound and she said his weight was excellent. She went on to explain that she goes by the shape of the breasts. If it's more like a V, then there is no weight, serious! But the half pound male, has a big U (only way I can describe), means lots of meat on those breasts. She suggested putting them in a dark room after the birds have had 9-11 hours of sunlight. We've been doing this (we did it with the hen before and then winter hit and I thought the closet (huge closests) was too cold.

She suggested chicken legs as the toos will chew on the bones for calcium (the calcium perches are largely ignored or used as a perch). Don't they know it's calcium??

They continue to get their greens every day which I thought was a very good source of calcium. Before anyone asks, they get Roudybush (regular and one with spices) and Golden 'Obles (they won't eat Harrisons - I have a huge bag of it.) The Vet did say sunflower seeds were okay too, as long as given in moderation. She gets less than 1/4 cup a day.

I've also read beans are great. When I've offered fresh organic green beans, the birds looked at me like I was crazy. I always know when Allie, the hen, is going to refuse something as she raises one foot to show me she's going to refuse it so don't even offer it (talk to the foot!)

Any good ideas on ways to safely get Allie to gain some weight is much appreciated. We know about tuna, scrambled eggs, proteins. Unfortunately, the birds don't and though I've offered all kinds of foods, they usually won't eat it.

I should point out that we found a new vet because of ethical issues with the last vet (and oddly, a store manager in a local pet supply confirmed her own experience (non client) with this vet. But that vet told us Allie was in great weight and she weighed the same. *shrug*.

Thanks so much smile


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