Found a U2 in Malibu, CA about nine months ago. Have been searching for owner ever since, no luck.
Male, about 5 years old, slight malocclusion of lower beak that needs repeated attention or it grows into a "tusk."
I have never kept a bird of ANY kind before, and Joe (I found him the day Joe Cocker died so I named him Joe Cocker 'Too) is well cared for in spite of this. I have taken him for regular grooming and feed him a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, with occasional hard cheese as a treat and scrambled eggs. He loves pasta. Gets along well with other animals (he has a wild squirrel friend and a pit bull friend). I borrowed a large (6' x 2' x 2') iron bird cage that he sleeps in but he loves to be outside and roam free.
Looking for EXPERIENCED U2 person to give him the life he deserves - preferably with other 'toos and a large aviary.
I rescued this beautiful, healthy bird from being stranded in a canyon, and have been learning to care for this magnificent creature along the way, but I'm not cut out for it. He needs more than I can give.
If you have a 'too colony, or a rescue, or are a zoo please contact me via this site and we can discuss logistics.