I found a beautiful male U2 stranded in a canyon in Malibu about nine months ago. An owner has not come forward and there is no band nor microchip. The bird is very healthy after these many months with me, I have cared for him out of necessity, but would appreciate an expert stepping up.
What I know about these birds is what I've discovered over the past nine months.
I have never cared for a bird before, and I understand that this is one of the most difficult of the species. Nevertheless, I have taken every effort to give him a healthy and happy environment, but I have neither the lifestyle nor the lifetime left for this. I have been looking for a more experienced bird keeper to adopt him, or a zoo or avian rescue to take him in. Many have declined. He probably needs to be around other birds, and would probably love to fly. He does all the things you would expect an adolescent, male U2 to do.
He is about 5 years old, with a slight malocclusion of his lower beak that grows into a horn if neglected. Other than that, he is magnificent, though destructive of anything made of wood. He is very smart and full of life. These birds should never be "pets" and I'd love to see him in an aviary where he can spread his wings. Perhaps a zoo or too rescue in So Cal or wealthy bird owner with a large aviary? If anyone can help…please do.