I've been thinking about my feeding of pellets to the feathered royalty here. I'm feeding Zupreem Natural and have been for several years. The birds are in good shape overall. Sysko to Scarlet is a plucker but that's from being neurotic. Had him to the vet and discussed it. The M2 Tut is a clipper but he came from an abusive situation. Kyu the U2 and Coowee the Quaker are in fine feather.

What I've been reading and hearing is pellets are not that good. This has me bum-fuzzled. Their diet is varied...pellets, seed, nuts, veggies, a little fruit, and people foods. Some say to feed nothing but pellets, but I don't agree with that. Feeding straight pellets or any food for that matter, I think leads to problems. Stay for some reason that brand of pellet is unavailable for some reason. If they only eat that brand you got to switch them and that is a whole bunch of problems. I prefer a varied diet so if I can't get something they will eat something else.

I just wondering what everyone else opinion is on pellets.