Went to our local independently owned pet store to get more of the Harrison's pellets yesterday and lo and behold they have started carrying the TOPS pellets as well! This is great because I had wanted to try them for several months, but if I had ordered them online the shipping would have been more costly than the pellets themselves. ( and I like the support my local stores if I can).

I purchased a 1 lb bag of the "TOP's Outstanding Pellets for all size hookbills" in addition to our regular 1 lb Harrison's adult lifetime maintenance pellets, and have been putting them in the push-pull feeder for a change. He seems to like them alright- more than he liked the Harrison's when we first tried them- and I know we may very well go through the entire pound before he really starts to Eat them (as we did with the H's).

I like the size of the TOPs better, as I don't have to crush them up for them to fall though the small holes in the push and pull feeder ( which saves time) and I like that there is no corn, soy, peanuts, or synthetic vitamins in them. I will be feeding these as the pellet this month (along with his twice daily chop mixture and plenty of tasty treats ( mung bean and lentil sprouts, corn and pine nuts are favorites, as well as red palm oil and almonds in the shell) and we will keep mytoos message board "peeps" in the loop as he starts to eat more of them.

I've put the 1lb Harrisons bag in my emergency food storage bin as a "just in case" ( we DO live in earthquake country, 6 hours from any major city). I also keep dry food and sardines for the dogs, as well as drinking water and first aid supplies for all the animals. If the TOPs becomes a "pellet of choice" I will also add those to the emergency stash.

"Action is the foundational key to all success."

-Pablo Picasso