Looking for info on Tops pellets, but I'm not having much luck with my searches...So here goes.

Our "diet" history:

Griffin (a 3 yr old male G2 rescue) is now converted from his previous cheap all seed diet ( he only ate the sunflowers out of the mix) and onto a fresh " chop" type mix I make up daily. He LOVES his germinated mung beans, lentils, quinoa and buckwheat ( esp the beans and lentils) and any type of cooked dry bean I add to the mix. I vary the veggies- kale,chard, mustard greens, parsley, spearmint (fresh from the garden), green beans, peas and corn ( defrosted from frozen) carrots, sweet potatoes (cooked), winter squashes(cooked) and the occasional half a cherry tomato or bits of diced bell pepper. He gets about a quarter of a hard boiled egg or some cooked ( unseasoned) chicken or steak ( tonight it was bison!) once a week or so- he looooves eggs! I add a tiny bit of organic kelp powder a couple of times a week, and mix it in well. I use a small amount (maybe 1/16th of a teaspoon of nutvia red palm fruit oil or coconut oil as a treat once a day or so.

But back to the pellet question...

When I first started feeding him fresh foods I would mix in about 5 g of crushed up Harrison's pellets, hydrated into a mush with a little warm water. At this time he was staying with his foster family, and I would go over twice a day to eat with him (they were SO great about letting me intrude like this twice a day for the MONTH that it took for his new cage to arrive).

A side note- Griffin learned to step onto a scale as his first-ever "trick", as I wanted to be able to monitor his weight during the diet-transition phase- we would weigh him before and after every meal, which gave me a good idea of how many grams of food he had actually consumed- as opposed to that which got flung on the floor or wiped off on the cage bars in between bites wink

I would always leave about 10 g of dry Harrison's in his dish during the day in case he got hungry, but they mostly got used for "anting" behavior and ended up on the floor of the cage. After a couple of weeks I started to crush them up a bit, into smaller pieces (but not TOO small ;), and occasionally he would eat them during the day. Anyhow- I'm really not all that keen on the ingredients that seem to make up the bulk of the Harrison's... (Corn and soy).... Two things I'd never feed my dogs, (and I don't eat soy myself due to an allergy and all the research I've done that points to anti-nutrients, processing problems, etc etc. )

I've seen Tops Pellets recommended by several people who seem to know what they're doing in the parrot rescue world, I like the fact here is no corn or soy, or synthetic vitamins, and even called and spoke with Gudrun ( the owner of Tops) about one of the ingredients I had a question about.

Does anyone else here have experience with the Tops Pellets? (I guess they used to be called Totally Organics).

Thoughts? smile

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