My cockatoo Rocky is still eating formula and she just turned 7 months old. I know she shouldn't be, but she barely eats anything else. When I purchased her she was 3 1/2 months old. I kept asking when should I wean her off the formula onto solid foods. The pet shop told me that she would basically start doing this on her own. Well I have tried to feed her every kind of bird food, human food etc. She just wont eat it. I buy every kind of treat they make, nuts you name it. I have to disclose one thing, when I first got her an accident happen to her. I was heating up pasta with a meat sauce in the microwave. When I took it out she was on her feeding perch in my kitchen. I think you can guess what happen next, she jumped on my plate of food, and jump right off screaming. I didn't think she had eaten anything, it all happened so fast. I immediately washed off her feet under the cool water from the sink. Turns out 5 days later on the last hand feeding of the day, I started00 seeing food running down her chest. At first I thought she had regurgitated the formula back up. Then to my shock and sadness I realized this was not the case. I spread her feathers apart to find a hole in her crop. Turns out she had swallowed a piece of ground beef. Panicked I called the vet. I found a board certified exotic animal specialist. I talk to this person the next morning and he told me I had two choices, NYC or Bed ford Hills NY. I took her to the Veterinary Center in Bed-ford, Hills NY. I got lucky and found a board certified avian veterinarian. Days later surgery fixed my Rocky as good as new. Thank God! My question is could this cause her to not want to eat solid foods? I have finally managed to skip the middle feeding, and she will eat this one brand of bird food, but barely. Most if the time she just tosses it out of her bowl. I know I am spoiling her, any suggestions ? I can even find a favorite food that she likes to train her ? Sorry my post was so long. Any input would be greatly appreciated


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