Emma, my G2, enjoys eating her pellets as a mash, and I find that she eats much more of it this way as well. I don't mind preparing it for her this way as I give her fresh veggies/fruit twice a day anyway.

Here's the question. Thus far, I have been taking the Harrison's High Potency coarse blend and hammering it to make it more fine and able to mix with some hot water into a mash consistency. I have noted that Harrison's has several smaller formulations of the high potency, including a fine, super fine, and mash. I was looking at the nutritional analysis for each and the breakdown is as follows:

Crude Protein: 18% (Coarse),20% (Fine & Super Fine),20% (Mash)
Crude Fat: 15% (Coarse), 12% (Fine & Super Fine), 14% (Mash)
Crude Fiber 6.5% (Coarse), 5% (Fine & Super Fine), 8% (Mash)

I was considering purchasing the "Mash" version of the Harrison's high potency just so I didn't have to hammer up pellets several times a week. Do you think the differences in protein, fat, and fiber would be okay for Emma?