I do not know all of the details, but what I do know breaks my heart. I am sometimes ashamed to share the same species with some of the people in this world.

She's an M2, somewhere between 4-6 years old. She had been at the rescue for 4 months before finding her home with us. Before that, she was raised in the home of a drug dealer & meth cooker. She was fed methamphetamines consistently, and had become addicted to those awful little chunks they fed her. Kept in a cockatiel cage, and living in filth. She was malnourished, abused and tortured. When the lady went in to rescue her, she found Feathers, blood, and pieces of Annabelle flesh all over the place.

She was put on Haldol, to counteract the self mutilation and help with the withdrawls from her addiction to Meth. We hope to be off that in the not too distant future. She has had her dosage lowered since she's been with us. Her feathers appear to be coming back, it seems every day I look at her she has a new fluff of white growing in, and new straws popping out every day.

I'm unsure of all of the abuse she endured, but I believe some was water related. She's deathly affraid of the bathroom, and of water bottles. I have yet to find a way to clean her without sending her into a frenzy. The best I've found is dipping my hands into water and gently wiping her. She refuses a wash cloth. It doesn't appear to be as traumatic as the other ways, but she still hates it & she's been through enough.

I don't know what could have happened to cause her to be so afraid of the telephone, but we don't talk on one close to her if we can avoid it. I found out this trigger one night, she spent the next 2 hours shaking and burying herself in my shoulder. She was frozen and terrified and wouldn't move. I just sang to her and let her know that she was safe, whatever happened with the phone, now we know it's a trigger for her.

She cannot be alone, not even long enough to walk to the trash can. If someone is not in her direct line of vision she starts screaming for us. Lucky for her, one of us is always here- and worst case scenario I work for my dad- so she can come to work with me if it comes to it.

She's such a sweet girl. Given her past, I'm fully expecting to have a few "chunks" of myself go missing- but I've had no indication of it. In fact, quite the opposite. She's so gentle, and has never bit or nipped anyone. Not to say that she never will, I accept that as a possibility- and in fact it makes me that much more sad to think that she doesn't. Not that I want to be bitten, but knowing what she's been through, the fact that she doesn't bite when she's scared makes me wonder what happened to make her think she couldn't defend herself. frown

She seems to be happy here. As I said before, new feathers growing in every day. She sings, and dances, and has even started playing. She's on a well balanced diet, though a bit of a picky eater I'm constantly experimenting with the stuff she refuses to make it "acceptable" for her. She's even learned to say a few new words. She loves to be sung to & read to. Her song is "just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. Her favorite story (so far) is green eggs and ham. She loves the spot light. If she starts dancing, she wants to be made a big deal. If you're not cheering her on she'll stop until you cheer.

It makes me sick to think of someone actually giving a bird meth. What some people do is beyond me. I can't stand it when someone goes out and gets one of these lovely birds, and doesn't know what they're doing it getting into. But meth is an extreme I simply cannot comprehend.

I'm glad that we found her. I honestly believe that she was brought into our lives for a reason. She's been through so much. I grew up around birds, as far back as my memory goes it's something I've always known. Im so happy that I found her.