Okay, was I the only one there thinking, "it's not really that loud"?

Seriously, I have the rather annoying ability to hear quite a bit above and below the normal hearing range of the average human, and the audiologist reports to back it up.

You want hear something really loud?

Back when I was in college, the college installed a security system whose wiring ran through the inside of the library ceiling that us students weren't supposed to know about. They didn't bother telling the library staff either; but after I complained to the disability counselor about the unbearable sound, she got back to me a few days later with the story about the security system. I could literally follow it around that part of the building and the damn thing was so loud and annoying that I couldn't stand to be in what was once my favorite room in the college(I had an approximately to book a day habit, pre-Internet access, and the god damn security system cutoff my access to my books.AGHHHHHHHHH!!!).

Anyway, happy bird is a happy bird; and unhappy neighbor is just a bird lover in training who's in denial my personal theory anyway ;-)

~I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 voice recognition software to type~