When I first came to this website, it made me angry! I started reading the stickies, about how you shouldn’t buy from breeders, or pet shops. It seemed very negative and off putting, and I thought that it was plain rude. I have wanted a parrot all my life, and since my cat passed away and I have had some time to mourn him, I decided that now is the right time. So I researched all sorts of different parrot breeds, and decided on a ‘too, as they are less likely to be one person birds, and also because of the cuddle factor. I was so excited about getting a baby cockatoo to be my lifelong companion. I knew that they require a huge amount of attention for between 50-75 years, and I was going to give it a large room filled with stimulation for when I wasn’t at home.

But now after reading every article you have links to, and a HUGE amount of forum posts, I realise that my need is a selfish one. I have been crying over what these poor birds go through, and now I feel like I truly understand them as a species. I now understand exactly HOW social these birds are- and that it is MUCH more social than us ‘Loner’ Humans who like to have a bit of me-time every now and then! In the wild they are in a flock 24 hours a day, and I realise that even in the best aviary room, with all the toys in the world, they are still not getting the interaction they need. Right now, I am looking after my 9 year old and 5 year old kids, and I am at university for 20 hours a week, with lots of holiday breaks. It’s my final year, so for the next year, both me and my partner (who I am in an admittedly rocky relationship with) could between us could give a bird a lot of love and attention.

But then what? Next year I will be working full time, rushing home, cooking my kids dinner, doing housework, giving the kids a bath, maybe watching a bit of telly and crashing out in bed. I like to go out and about at weekends, especially during the summer. I could do my evening routine accompanied by a ‘too, I would love it in fact, but I would not have that much time in the future too give it my undivided attention. They are birds which need company 24 hours a day. I could give it 4 at most as I go to bed at 10pm, which means that for 20 hours every single day it would be alone. And that is not right. I would be getting a bird for purely selfish reasons… It seems a bit ridiculous writing it down, but I have always thought that if I could be any creature, it would be a parrot… Bright, dazzling, talkative, intelligent, caring… It just seems like such a winning combination of good qualities.

I now understand that even when you give ‘toos a ‘perfect’ existence in captivity they are still vulnerable to self-destruction as they are wild creatures, who should be using that huge wingspan to fly through a forest. They should be able to freely mate. They are too intelligent to deal with being caged alone. We don’t keep eagles as pets- Why parrots?

I am now shocked that I ever thought that owning a magnificent bird like this was a good idea, and I feel awful that I was going to get a baby bird, thus encouraging further breeding. I have absolute awe for them, and whilst I have lots of time to look after a bird right now, I would never own them outright, because I now realise that I will not be a suitable owner in the future. I am desperately saddened by the stories of these creatures who live in numerous homes, and who have suffered from neglect. However, I would very much love to foster a parrot (Especially a ‘too!) until it finds it’s forever home, and I am now researching into that. But I do agree that people who want to own large birds like this should need at the very least a licence, which will help prevent and alleviate the suffering of some of these poor birds.

I know it seems a bit contradictory that I am now against the ownership and breeding of cockatoos and other large birds in a domestic setting, yet still want to foster one, but I believe that the ones who are already living in captivity who are imprinted on humans should be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives.

I still think they are amazing creatures, but their enormous capacity for love can ultimately end up destroying them if they are not placed in the right home.

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