I don't know if anyone will remember my adoption failure from last year. My ignorance and the fact that I was rushed into adopting (by the rescue owner) led to a complete failure in bringing home Luke, a 14 yr old U2.
So, I was volunteering with that rescue. It didn't take long before i noticed some problems there, but that's another topic.
I had Luke for 3 weeks last summer and it was disaster! His anxiety went through the roof, he went hormonal, and I was NOT READY. I knew that too, but I allowed myself to be pushed into taking him home. He went back to the rescue. Luke cannot be around kids a lot. The energy is too much. Despite what the rescue owner tried to convince me of, I learned over time that there was NOTHING wrong with the bird!!He does not have brain damage. He is not psycho. He is not aggressive. He is a Cockatoo. He was aggressive with the rescue owner bc SHE was aggressive to him. I stayed with the rescue, largely to keep an eye on him. This winter, the rescue owner decided that Luke was too aggressive to be adopted and that he should be euthanized.
So, it took time. I fought with the rescue. I fought with my husband. I fought with fate. I fought with money. but I sold shit. I raised money. We came up with it, and built a room for Luke. The room was Almost finished, and the rescue owner was definitely pushing. So we got the room done enough to bring Luke home. A couple weeks later, my husband lost his job. REALLY??
Having a Too alone in its own room, not ideal. I know this. We planned on getting him a buddy after he settled. A large part of the seperate room is that my son has asthma. We have the AC running seperate so it doesnt get dander through the house. Luke is doing REALLY GOOD THOUGH!! He gets plenty of attention. He gets showers with me. We play, we hang out, and he loooves me (a little tooo much sometime LOL) But like I said, not ideal. Well, its been a few months, we are hanging in there. We are going to have to move out of state when my husband gets a new job. And rent. Bringing a cockatoo into a rental is not an easy feat, but having a seperate room due to my son's asthma might be really hard to figure out. So I am scouring rescues, incase we can't take him. I have a couple leads but they are rescues that are Far and I have not Bennt to. Two of them recommended boarding him incase I can get him back.
Why this now? I have fought for this bird for over a year now. WHY??

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