OMG, I can't even watch something like that. Just hearing about it is enough. We do have a Petsmart here; thankfully they don't sell large birds. I actually haven't been in there in a while. We've been going to PetCo because we buy frozen rats for my brother's python there. It's the only pet store that sells them. I know PetCo sells cockatiels and parakeets (along with small furry animals like mice and ferrets and whatnot) and every time I go in there, I stop to watch them play for a minute. They all look pretty healthy. It seems like all the pet stores here have all stopped selling pets for the most part. You can't go into a pet store here and purchase a parrot at all any more. It's either Petsmart or PetCo, I can't remember which one it is now, but one of them sells conures too but nothing big. Every time I've gone in, they've always had plenty of food and water, the cages have been clean and the birds all look pretty healthy. But that's here. We had three pet stores (four, actually, that I know of but we haven't been to the other one in YEARS) here but I think one of them closed not too long ago. I don't know what the reason was, I just remember hearing something about it going out of business and closing. We don't buy bird food from the pet stores though. We've been getting it through the refuge where we adopted our U2.

There used to be a pet store in the mall (Pet Land) years ago but it closed down because of accusations of animal abuse that put it out of business. It doesn't exist any more. There's still a pet supply store in the mall, but it doesn't sell any animals.

The only way that you can even get a parrot here is either from a breeder (and I refuse to do that), someone who has one and doesn't want it/can't continue taking care of it any more for whatever reason (good luck with that option because I don't know of anyone here who has one) or from a shelter. We adopted ours from a shelter. The only reason we even go to pet stores now is to get flea drops (since the pet store is the only place we can get them) for the cats and dogs and frozen rats for my brother's python. I do look through the bird supplies while we're there, but they don't even sell anything for large birds.