Hi there

I joined this forum so I can hopefully talk to other cockatoo owners who may have experience with cockatoos who have prolapses.

Koo is a female, 20y.o rescued U2. She was very sick when rescued. Now she isn't sick but she does have an issue with a severe (extremely large) prolapse.

She has had a CBC And full chem panel to make sure the baytril and antifungal took care of the bacterial and fungal growth. She is now 644g. Liver and kidneys look good. She had 4homes in the month of May 2013 and am told she started laying eggs in march and that's how she got an extremely large prolapse.

This past Saturday she had sutures put in to hold in her prolapse but unfortunately they didn't work for Koo and she needed them cut out. However she is still swollen and taking anti biotics for 7 days and metacam.

Anywho, that's her history. She eats like a pig (sprouts, pellets, fruits and veggies, everything). Now we need to work on getting her a suitable size cage and await to see if she re-prolapses after the swelling goes down.


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