I developed an interest in the Red Vented too back when I was a zoo keeper. I had the opportunity to work with a pair that was part of the AZA breeding program. This was being done in hopes of supplementing the reintroduction of the birds by the Katala Foundation in Palawan. AZA at the time had very few zoos with these birds in their collections. Natural breeding with these two was not proving to be successful. The female was a past pet and was very bonded to humans ignoring her available male. Artificial insemination was being attempted the last I heard. I'm not sure if it has been successful to date.
The Katala Foundation has had some luck with their endeavours. They use the past poachers as rangers to protect the current nest. By hiring the poachers their need to poach is eliminated. http://www.philippinecockatoo.org/images/History%20of%20the%20PCCP.pdf They have been fighting against a coal power plant being built near by which would have hurt the toos. This new development in Palawan is a plus for the Katala Foudation and the birds. I'm so glad that this proposed coal power plant has been voted down and no longer poses a threat to the toos.

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