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It was inevitable and we still have China and Korea which are sure to follow suite. It is a symptom of developing countries, a desire to flaunt the new prosperity that is in early development. Breeding and selling will be increasing exponentially until they wake up like us in the United States. So very sad for all these long lived, intelligent animals that will exist, not live, in the most hideous conditions. It makes me sick to think about.

I think China has leaped ahead of India long ago and may have even crossed the US. I remember an interesting article where I read that after realizing the disastrous effect of the wild bird trade on the Fisher's lovebird wild populations in Tanzania, they declared a moratorium for a certain period- probably 5 or 10 years after which they had planned to start a sustainable trade for supporting the local economy. But within a few years China was already mass breeding these birds at a much cheaper rate than Tanzania could afford to export.

I neither endorse the wild bird trade nor captive breeding, but this made interesting reading. A large portion of captive bred birds in countries like Malaysia come from Chinese imports.