so i had the absolute worst christmas ever. my cockatoo, sun conure and parakeet all died yesterday due to my using a reynolds oven bag.there are no warnings or an ingredient list saying that these bags can be toxic to birds. needless to say i used one for christmas dinner and all of my birds(none of which were in the kitchen)died. we noticed our beloved cockatoo fighting for breath and did everything we could think of to help her, not knowing what was wrong. she died in my husbands arms. then my sun conure started doing the same thing and that is when we thought it had to be the oven bag. i took him outside to get him fresh air and again there was nothing i could do. within minutes he died in my arms. we decided to check on my sons parakeet who is in his room on the other side of the house and the poor little thing was dead.I have a little finch that has somehow survived. he was in my room with the door closed. we call him husband and i were devastated and in pain. it will take a long time to get over this huge loss.i am posting this as a warning to all bird lovers. and please spread the word!!! i would hate for something like this to happen to another family. our birds are our life and we love them as much as our children. we have emailed reynolds company to let them know what happened and hopefully get some kind of warning label or even an ingredient list that says they contain teflon.