Gotta admit, there are days I would probably lie around in bed all day if it weren't for the birds, and I just have a couple of little guys (sun conure and cockatiel). The routine of getting up, cleaning cages, giving showers, cooking and feeding both Hubby and birdies, caring for plants, supervisint "out" time, training, trust-building, those are the things that keep me from just sort of "waiting to die". And I really do NOT want to just do that; life is pretty interesting, when you pay attention! I don't get everything done, on any given day, perhaps because I have very, very unrealistic expectations of myself, but I live with it, and start over each morning. There are good days and bad days. the same is true of weeks, months, and years. As the Bible says, "it came to pass". It will pass. May take a while, but it WILL pass! Praying for you, CB.