It seems like you have had a tough year. Do you think maybe it's the stress you are under from everything going on causing you to feel this way and really not the bird. If you're down in the dumps it's only natural to feel put out by the simple day to day demands. When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed I try to over organize my task for a couple of days. It really helps to have a few extra minutes me time after organizing. I pet sit so and work a full time job. So on any given day I have Cassie, my lizard and any where from 1 to 6 boarders. What I do is pull out all the bowls and get everyone's food ready for the next two days I buy plastic bowl covers at the dollar store to cover them, give the cages a good clean and layer the paper in the cages thick so I can pull the top layer off in the am and pm. Doesn't sound like much but it saves me an incredible amount of time. I can fly through in the mornings and evenings feeding and pulling papers in a matter of minutes. I even will organize myself by getting my clothes all set on a hanger for each day, get all my stuff together for work in my bag, write up a list with amounts owed and list of times for pick ups and drop offs. Anything I can possibly do ahead of time I do. Getting the food ready saves me about an hour and each of the other activities saves me a few minutes here and there and put all together lowers the stress and gives me some breathing room. I also try to find an activity that both Cassie and I enjoy, like shopping to have a good time together. We head to the big box hardware stores.

Nancy & Cassie BE2