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I got him from a Breeder where is owner was selling him because his mate died by getting a string stuck in her throat. They never really socialized him at all. He was always in his cage and never let out. I am wondering if that has something to do with him no being that tame.

There is the problem, right there. Or problems, plural. He lost his mate. He lost his home. Even though he wasn't socialized, or treated very well, it was familiar to him. He's in a new place, without his mate, without anybody familiar, and with strange people (including children and a man) and he's terrified what might happen; he suspects it might get worse, even!

He himself may not be geared to be quiet, but he probably needs his surroundings to be quiet, restful, dependably routine, for a while. When the children aren't home, sit by the cage and talk or read to him. Offer treats through the cage bars, and notice which kinds he likes best. Allow him to make choices about whether he wants to interact, and withdraw if he diesn't, but stay "available". If you can relax and not feel pressured to "perform" by getting him all calmed down, it will calm him wonderfully. At least, that's how it has worked with our birds. Granted, they aren't toos, but they still respond to my feeling pressured with screams, bites, wild flight, and other silliness that could result in injuries, either to me or to them.