If a bird is allowed to die in misery because of somebody's greed, the greedy person killed that bird, by torture. If a "concerned person" uses the bird's death, filming the process of torture, it seems to me that the "concern" is pretty shallow. I hate to be the one to rock the boat, but "cold-blooded" is not a consistent adjective to go with "compassion". It is not possible to "have compassion" on an idea. Compassion means feeling with, and ideas are not feeling entities. If I have to pretend that it's okay to ignore suffering to the point of refusing to make an attempt to stop that suffering, I have become part of the "sacrificing" of that individual. I will not sacrifice any lliving thing to anything smaller than the God Who Is the Creator and owner of that beast, and of me, because if I do, I am guilty of idolatry. I am responsible for the creatures within my reach. I am not able to pretend to know how any action of mine will play out, for blame or good, but I do know that I am commanded not to withhold good to anyone who needs it, if it is in my power to give good.