We try to keep a list of rescues and sanctuaries that are 501(c)3 qualified so that our members can do their part to help these birds. It is not easy maintaining the list, things change rapidly, many go under for one reason or another or simply do not maintain their sites. I have spent the last couple of days updating and purging our list.

If you are a 501(c)3 entity and would like to be included on this list, please post in this thread, introduce yourself and leave all your contact data so that we can include you. I also have to point out that being on this list is solely a Mytoos determination. I hate to even mention it but if your information causes much drama, it's out of here. It's great to be private!

I usually throw this list up around Christmas so that we can all choose a favorite charity and make a donation for the holidays. I just spend a good part of two days updating and verifying this information so I'm asking YOU to make a summer donation for your part. smile Yes, you can do it, you can afford $5 and possibly quite a bit more. Just do it! You will be surprised at the smile it will put on YOUR mug to know that you did this small thing. It is appreciated!

All members please review this list and let me know if I made any mistakes or you have anything to add. Our list also includes a link to the excellent Avian Protection Society.

Mytoos' Rescue and Sanctuary List

PS: If your mission statement includes anything about helping "responsible breeders" and "responsible avicultural sales", don't waste the keystrokes by posting on Mytoos!

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