Update: Monty and I are doing much better as of now. I insisted upon taking a fresh psyche exam (it's been awhile), and while I wait for the results I'm undergoing a few general stress/anxiety/anger management courses. Upon further reflection, I really need to work on my impulse control as well. Monty's getting a rather alarming array of new toys each week. I just adore shopping for my babies!

As for His Highness, he's been a total doll. He's been right perky since the sun started shining properly and the lingering snow finally started to melt. I know my depression worsens during winter... I wonder if 'toos can develop SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

Oh, and while slightly off-topic, I'm moving at the beginning of May! It's a gorgeous house, with a ton more room than my current place and the additional benefits of being IN Kelowna and within walking distance to my favourite pet supply store. It even has a spacious backyard with room for an aviary! Personally, the best part about the place is the little koi pond in the garden. I've always enjoyed watching fish - they're so nice and calming. smile

My flock: Monty (Eleanora/medium sulphur crested cockatoo), Benjamin Button (European Starling).